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Big Data & Hadoop Staffing Services

Rely Services, is a recruitment firm that allows the industry to avail the opportunity of getting professional manpower for sorting out the

Big Data and Hadoop services

for their companies. With the help of them, one can easily keep a track on the data, extracted from the various sources. We are a team of dynamic and skilled minds who keep their expert hands in managing your relevant data. From the extraction to the implementation of data, our experienced professionals support your process with the best tools.

Features and Benefits of opting Hadoop Services:

  1. Simple way to provide data
  2.  Data of any format could be loaded
  3. Provide an open environment to assess the data
  4. Open source and Flexible to be used
  5. Number of data could be stored and used during the process

Our services and the benefits we offer:

We work on the two main components of the Hadoop, HDFS and Map Reduce.

HDFS allows the repair and restoration of the hardware failure. It is a single node architecture that ensures to provide the support to the big files of the system.

Map Reduce, is the another most common processing technique of Hadoop Services, that converts one set of data into another set of data.

With the help of both the processing technique, we can provide the following benefits to the customers.

  • Increasing the capacity: With the formation of nodes, we provide extra space for the data to get stored

  • Increasing the efficiency: our expertise lies in acting pro-actively to deal with the system failures and to restart them immediately

  • Decreasing the cost: The Hadoop services are being carried out on the commodity software that allows reducing the cost production

With our services, you can expect the easy and fast processing of the large data. Our team can easily scale up from a single server to n number of machines, allowing you to reduce your manpower and increase the efficiency.