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11 Jun


“In an age when more and more kinds of data are being generated than ever before, Software Defined Storage gives enterprises a path to address this explosive growth.”

Understanding Software- Defined- Storage

It’s not just software but the intelligent application of distributed computing techniques to the design of storage systems. When you combine the power of distributed computing for space efficiency, manageability and scale, then you get the essential ingredients to manage explosive data growth. It cuts operational and capital cost due to a more flexible, more agile, and more scalable storage management experience for application team.

Advantages of Software-Defined-Storage

Elasticity, Scale and Simplicity- Elastic scale- out refers to the ability to expand to meet the changing demands when demand increases. Elastic scale-out and multi-protocol are competencies of new storage systems. While elastic scale-out gives a mechanism to store more data, multi-protocol access has the ability store different kinds of data. Software-Defined-Storage ecosystem solves problems through automation capabilities, allowing you to manage a traditional storage environment.

It tackles the toughest data centre challenge- With Software-Defined-Storage, enterprises can create pools of storage that grow as per the emerging requirement. Apart from this, it lays a solid foundation for next generation storage, replacing more costly purpose-built storage arrays.

Flexibility – The ability to be flexible optimizes IT agility and delivers continuous value. It also gives an opportunity to gain critical insights from your data. With its unique characteristic, allows you to meet your business goals.

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