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21 Jun


Software Product Engineering involves building and maintaining the software product using software development process and appropriate tools and methods applied for the same. The software product engineering ensures proper delivery of software products as per the satisfaction of customer.

The factors involved in software product engineering:     

Effective Communication: The flow of proper communication at all levels is required to know what is happening at the other end and what the think-tank is doing to deliver the product. Management, lead and the team must involve in a proper discussion and communication at each process to ensure the delivery of product.

Team Durability: It is important that team members stay connected with the project and team for a longer period of time. Products and frameworks have proprietary knowledge and a member connected with the project holds much experience than the one who join the team recently. So it is important for the organization to avoid attrition from an ongoing software product development project.

Extensible Design and Reusable Code: During the product development, a product sees several versions and numerous branches to convince its end customers and system enablers. So it is important that there is a high level of compliance and reusability built into it.

Automated Testing: While fixing the other, there are chances of breaking an existing one. So automated unit tests come in handy and can complete a quick regression in a short span of time.

Streamlined documentation: With various releases and enhancement in different versions in software products, it is difficult to find the current state of the software. It is therefore advised to manage the documentation well to understand the current state of the software product.

By following the above factors, it becomes easy to deliver the software product that meets the requirement of the customers.

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