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Position: Python/Django Web Developer

Role Python/Django Web Developer

Location: Detroit, MI

No of years of experience: 2 Years

Pay Rate : -

Job Type : Full Time



  • Work collaboratively with our development team to learn the development process.

  • Create, implement and edit Django templates.

  • Help setup and run projects in production environments.

  • Write complex Django apps while maintaining a high level of unit test coverage to catch and prevent feature regressions.

  • Support existing Python/Django code base.

  • Other tasks as necessary.


  • Expertise in Python and Django. Minimum 2 years’ experience.

  • Must have a that includes building multiple websites, including those who have seen steady traffic.

  • Familiarity with front-end development technologies (HTML/CSS/JavaScript).

  • Super team player.

  • Experience on a large projects with 2 or more other developers that required multiple web servers.

  • Experience with Django 1.5 as well as MySQL backends.

  • Knowledge of financial markets a plus.

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