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Cloud Computing Services

provide software services over the Internet with delivery on demand or payment as per usage. It includes a full range of applications and development platforms, to servers, storage, and Virtual desktops. In a traditional IT work environment, software and hardware are funded up front and used over a period of months but

cloud computing services

deliver IT resources in minutes and charge as per usage.

The most common types of cloud computing services delivered are:

Software as a Service (SaaS) - Software runs on an own computer and managed by SaaS providers. It is accessible over the public internet and offered on a monthly or yearly subscription. They can access the functionality of software without thinking about storage.  

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - Users own and manage operating systems and applications running on the infrastructure and pay as per usage. They can use the unlimited storage and can expand the storage as per requirement.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)- All software and hardware required for application development to its users as a service. It hosts the software and hardware on its own infrastructure.

Benefits of Using Cloud Computing Services

There is no doubt that businesses have realized the potential of cloud computing and reaped huge benefits from it.

Flexibility- Cloud-based services are ideal for the companies with changing and growing demands. It enables the companies to scale up or scale down your cloud capacity as per the requirement. The benefit of flexibility gives business to gain a real advantage over competitors.

Work from anywhere- With cloud computing, you can work from anywhere irrespective of location. It gives flexibility to employees to work from home or while they are travelling. It ensures employees enjoy work-life balance.

Cost Savings- Businesses, no matter what their type and size are, always try to drive growth keeping operational and capital expenses to a minimum.

Cloud computing

helps in cutting down the IT cost with zero-in-house server storage and application requirements. With the lack of on-premise infrastructure, it cuts down the cost invested in power and administration.

Manageability- Cloud computing provides enhanced IT management through proper administration of resources and managed infrastructure. You can enjoy a simple web-based user interface for accessing software and applications without worrying about installation.

Automatic software upgrade- Servers are off-premise and the suppliers take care of software updates. So you just need to deploy your time for the growth of business and without wasting time in upgrading the system.

But with high functionality, it carries some issues which hold a concern for the enterprises. Issues related are-

  • Security of Data
  • Proper assimilation with the existing environment

Such issues can be addressed with the proper use of technology and no doubt using this advanced application can serve the purpose of all the business irrespective of their size and type.

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