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Rely Services is a trusted partner to leading global health organizations. Our primary focus on accountability and quality outcomes has led to structural changes in the Healthcare industry. We understand the critical factor that is responsible for delivering cost-effective and high-quality services. We follow a robust system to deliver Healthcare services and products, and a sustainable reimbursement model that improve the quality and outcome of care


  • Healthcare Data Analytics
  • Electronic Health Records & Exchanges
  • Collaborative Care Management
  • Enrollment and Credentialing Services
  • Billings and Claims Processing
  • Lab Information Management System
  • HIPPA Compliance Consulting
  • Enrollment Services
  • Information Security
  • Digital Transformation



 healthcare services

and solutions support the entire value chain for healthcare payers, improve patient centricity & collaboration with patients through connected wellness solutions that provide better care model. Use of modern healthcare system increase agility and operational excellence.

Accelerate overall healthcare system with the use of new technology strategies. Streamline IT operations by moving to flexible, scalable, and modern technology architecture