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Migration Services with SAP HANA migration services

The need of today is the chapter of growth in the future. With the wheel of development moving so high, we have to escalate our actions to stay in the race of technology. Similarly, the enterprises and the organizations are keeping their pace high to match the evolution of clients expectations and the compliance in meeting their requirements. Irrespective of the kind of business, every organization needs to match up with the aspirations of its customers through variants in its innovation. The concept of change is not new in the IT industry.

Migration Service:

 The need to migrate from customary practices to advanced technology is implemented to achieve the proper functioning of the business process. Unlike the past, clients are focused and concerned about the speed, potential of the outcomes of the services.

We at Rely Services, help you to achieve the proper process of migration, implementation and full delivering faster business outcomes. We serve as a medium that allows the organisations to add on the impact of speed, agility, simplicity and cost efficiency in your business process.

We are with you at every step of your progress:


Our Support System:


  1. The choice of opting from the wide range of application stacks, easily deployed on any hardware
  2. we have a high range of hardware; CPUs, Memory, disk spaces as per the requirement.
  3. Strong Connectivity: HP -UX, Windows Server Linux
  4. EMC, HP, IBM- FC, SAN, NAS: These are used to store the data

The Operations:

 We provide database administration to track the growth of database and to extend the database. A time to time check up and verification of the database is done. The operational functions include Installation of SAP License and upgradations of Oracle parameters.


Our Role:


  1. To analyse and approve the pre-requisites
  2. To evaluate and gather the setup details and infrastructure set up
  3. To  track and follow up the database
  4. To take a proper feedback on the performance