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Voice Process (Inbound/Outbound)

Communication is the best way to convey your emotions, acts and work to other people. With the technology in our hands, we have been successful so far to grow a bond of communication between the consumer and the industry. There are many voice process that is involved in making this communication more transparent, healthy and frequent. Companies are now hiring experts for the process.

What is a voice Process?

The process in which the information, the query is being solved through a conversation on the phone is known as voice process. It is a varied process that includes the involvement of experts for communication.

The in and out bond of Voice Process

When the process is being focused on the in-house activities of the company, product, it is termed as an inbound process. For more clarity, we can say that when the process is being focused to solve the query or to give the information of a specific product that is in-house based, it is categorized as inbound voice process.

Similarly, when the voice process includes the informative introduction of the company or the product, it is termed as an outbound process. The process includes the calling from the company’s end and is focused on giving information about the whereabouts of any new launch or a regular call-up to upgrade the services, offered by the company. 

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