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Medical Data Entry

Today’s world market prefer in reducing the use of paper and going electronic. The digital age has accelerated the EMR (Electronic Medical Records) use. Consecutively, it also demands competent medical data entry services. This is where Rely Services, Inc can help.

Healthcare data entry

demands utmost accuracy. Based on the project specifications and requirements, Rely applies the latest technological innovations to deliver world-class services. All information related to the patient like chart information, insurance, claims, account information, diagnosis, doctor’s notes, reimbursement data, doctor’s notes needs to get documented. Our expert professionals collect the information from various sources like medical forms, reports, charts and other relevant medical document for the data entry.

Outsourcing Benefits:

medical data entry service

that Rely Services Inc provides ensures that the complex information is simplified to overcome time consumption and errors, if any. You gain through following benefits:

  • Excellent maintenance of the patient data and record.
  • Error free data entry within the stipulated timeline.
  • Dedicated professionals and managers to take care of your account.
  • Sufficient time to focus on core competencies.

Advantage of Rely’s data entry services:

  • Leading quality
  • Flexible, accurate and customized solutions.
  • Quick turnaround time as per your requirement.
  • Diligent adherence to HIPPA regulations.
  • Material can be transferred in both FTP and email mode.
  • Competent quality control.
  • Services offered to both small and large scale data entry projects of any size.
  • 24 X 7 technical support.
  • Cost effective solutions.
  • You save 30% to 40% on your operational costs.